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This  archive makes available electronic versions of past research in the ACE sector conducted by the author and colleagues, for the NSW Board of Adult and Community Education (BACE) and other agencies. Few such reports from the 'training reform agenda' period before about 1997 were published in PDF or other digitised form.

Kimberley, H. Community Learning: The Outcomes Report (TAFE Board, Melbourne, 1986). Download PDF. (Added 18 April 2008).

McIntyre, Foley, Morris & Tennant 1996  ACE Works: The vocational outcomes of ACE courses. Sydney: BACE. (PDF 2Mb). Download PDF. (Added 12 October 2005).

McIntyre and Kimberley (1997) Planning Pathways for Women from ACE to VET. (2Mb). Download PDF. (6 December 2005).

McIntyre, Morris & Tennant (1993)  The Vocational Scope of ACE. (3 Mb). Download PDF. (Added 6 January 2006).

McIntyre, Brown and Ferrier (1997)  The Economics of ACE Delivery. Sydney: BACE. (2Mb). Download Download report.  

McIntyre and Crombie (1995) Who are Australia's adult learners? National survey of adult learning. Canberra: Adult Learning Australia. (234Kb). Download here

Brown, T. et al 2007. Adaptive ACE organisations:responding to uncertainty. Characteristics of community colleges responding in innovative ways to funding and other challenges. Download from this site.

Couldrey,M. 2007. Market segmentation in ACE. Documents how innovative ACE providers are differentiating their client base and market segments.  Download.

Selected papers and reports on ACE

The discursive construction of adult community education in national policy, Aust J Adult learning, 41(1), April 2001. Download PDF (56Kb)

Policy symbolism and economic realities: ACE, equity and the market (1998). (52Kb). Download PDF.  See other policy papers.

Restructuring adult education: research, policy and the state (1999, 40Kb). Download PDF

See more papers on research and policy in adult learning.

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